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Heel Pain

There are many possible causes of heel pain but the most common is plantar fasciitis (often called “bone spurs”).

Swelling in Ankle

Known as a sprained ankle, a sudden twist or misstep may cause damage to your ankle bones, ligaments ..

Toe Nail Issue

Ingrown toenails are a condition wherein a part of the toenail digs into the skin, either at the end or the…

Crooked Toe

Any toe that is bent or bending – but usually this condition involves the 2nd through 5th toes.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is caused by your body’s inability to regulate glucose (or sugar) properly. It can affect the…

Ball of Foot Pain

Neuromas are very painful yet benign growths of nerve tissues that are typically found between the…

Numbness in Foot

Neuromas are very painful yet benign growths of nerve tissues that are typically found between the third…

Skin Lesions on Feet

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by a fungus that grows between the toes…

Cincinnati Podiatrist

– The Center for Foot Care

Foot pain can affect how you work, live, and play. Many athletes experience foot pain, but they’re not the only ones-even business executives may feel foot pain.

At the Center for Foot Care, Dr. Kristin Titko is a Cincinnati podiatrist who figures out exactly what causes your foot pain using an x-ray or, if needed, a diagnostic ultrasound. She then creates a customized treatment plan that will not only relieve your pain, but will also help you avoid future foot health problems.


Comprehensive Podiatry Treatment

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Titko is a trusted podiatrist for patients throughout the Cincinnati metro area. She and her staff see patients with a wide variety of foot conditions, such as:

Heel Pain treatment


When you visit with our Cincinnati podiatrist, you’ll get so much more than a diagnosis. We offer a wide range of treatment options, including laser therapy for pain management and in-house vascular testing to pinpoint circulation problems. Our foot doctor can even recommend diabetic footwear and custom orthotics.


The Only Cincinnati Podiatrist You’ll Ever Need

When you set an appointment with our foot doctor in Cincinnati, OH, you’ll quickly see why you’ll never need to visit another foot clinic. We offer all the treatment options you need and let you decide which treatments you prefer. You’ll also appreciate our friendly, helpful atmosphere. Dr. Titko truly loves helping her patients. She frequently offers seminars to the public as a Cincinnati podiatrist. For several years, she served as podiatrist for the Cincinnati Cyclones, Stuff, Reds, and Silverbacks. If you’re ready to set an appointment with our podiatrist in Cincinnati, fill out the contact form on this page or call us at (513) 729-4455

Our Treatments

We are offering some great foot and ankle treatments now that will address the look or feel of your feet. Our Cincinnati Podiatry practice makes it easy to be more comfortable in your heels or love the look of your toes in sandals.


KeryFlex is a safe, in-office application that allows the restoration of the appearance of your natural nails.


Injectable compounds used to plump areas. Commonly used for relief of pain in the heel and ball of the foot.


A concentrated form of Hyaluronic Acid (a natural lubricant of joint) injected into a joint to increase lubrication.


Everyone’s pain is different. Dr. Titko of Center for Foot Care will diagnose and treat your unique pain – whether it’s in the heel, arches, ball…


Introducing the revolutionary Platlet Treatment, a game-changer in footcare innovation! Designed to provide unparalleled relief and rejuvenation for…


What is Leneva?
It stimulates your body to produce more of your own cushiony fat pad in areas of painful fat pad loss, for long term comfort.

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What Are Fallen Arches?

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What’s the Difference Between Bunions and Corns?

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Ways to Fix Rough Heels Safely

Ways to Fix Rough Heels Safely

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3 Ways to Treat Athlete’s Foot

3 Ways to Treat Athlete’s Foot

Your foot starts itching, cracking and even blistering. You made the mistake of walking barefoot in the showers at the gym, or accidentally brushing your foot against someone who has athlete's foot already. A fungal infection that grows on the skin of your foot,...

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