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Nail Problems

What is it?

Toenails can curve into the skin causing an ingrown nail. This can lead to an infection if not treated properly. Just taking antibiotics may not fully address the ingrown toenail problem.

The nail can become thick, deformed and sometimes painful. This can be due to trauma, fungus, infections or other causes.

Nail changes may also indicate some health issue such as psoriasis or iron deficient anemia.


Ingrown toenails may be painful, the surrounding skin may turn red and drainage may be present.

Thick or deformed nails may be difficult to cut and may be painful in closed-toe shoes.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment by our Cincinnati Podiatrist:

Ingrown toenails may be treated with antibiotics if they become infected. A severe case may require a simple in office Cincinnati podiatrist ingrown toenail removal procedure to relieve the pain and infection. Thick nails may require a professional to cut them safely.

Some nail deformities can be treated with prescription creams, pills or require simple in-office procedure to correct the problem.

Proper diagnosis of the toenail disorder should be made before initiating any treatment.