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Neuromas are very painful yet benign growths of nerve tissues that are typically found between the third and fourth toes. It occurs primarily in women. Also known as ‘pinched nerve’ or a nerve tumor, neuromas are characterized by a burning sensation, tingling and numbness between the toes and the ball of the foot, particularly when walking. To find relief with the disorders, sufferers typically stop walking, take off their shoe and rub the affected area. Some describe it as feeling like a rock has been caught in one’s shoe.

What Causes a Neuroma?

The exact causes of a neuroma are still unclear, but many factors can contribute to the formation of the disorder.

Biochemical Deformities: If you were born with a high-arched foot or a flat foot, you naturally have an instability of the toe joints, and thus have a higher likelihood of forming a neuroma.

Trauma: A traumatic event can damage the nerve, which can lead to inflammation, swelling and the formation of a neuroma.

Improper Footwear: If your shoes are too tight, this can cause your toes to squeeze together. Stay away from high-heeled shoes that are higher than two inches. Shoes at that height can put more pressure on the forefoot area, which is precisely where neuromas tend to develop.

Repeated Stress: Whether through your lifestyle or occupation, if you put repeated stress on the forefoot area, a neuroma could form or become worse over time.

Tips for Relief

Wear the Proper Shoes: Only wear shoes that allow your toes to move around freely, that have low heels, thick soles, proper insoles and that tie with laces or that feature buckles that allow for proper width adjustment.

Avoid High Heels: These types of shoes put undue pressure on the forefoot and should be avoided if at all possible.

Rest and Feet Massages: Put the affected foot up and massage the affected area until the pain subsides. An ice pack can even be used to dull the pain and improve comfort.

For Simple Neuromas: For neuromas that haven’t yet developed, wear a pair of thick-soled shoes with plenty of toe area. This should relieve symptoms and allow the ailment to diminish on its own. If the case is considered severe by your Cincinnati podiatrist, surgery may be necessary to extract the tumor.

Over the Counter Shoe Pads: These pads can relieve pressure around the affected area.

Treatment for Neuromas

There are various treatments for neuromas and your recommended treatment will depend on the severity of your condition. Early detection is key if surgery is to be avoided. You should make an appointment with your podiatrist at the first sign of pain or discomfort, as the condition tends to get worse over time.

Treatments for neuromas include padding and taping, medication, orthotic devices and surgery.

Remember, your feet aren’t supposed to hurt. To learn more about neuromas or to undergo testing for a neuroma if you do in fact feel foot pain or discomfort, make an appointment with your Cincinnati podiatrist at The Center for Foot Care by calling (513) 206 – 8448.

on 24, Jul 2017
I have a job that requires me to wear heels and stand on my feet all day. After years of doing this I have developed a neuroma that has become very painful. I saw Dr. Titko and she gave me options on how to go about correcting this problem. After several visits I’m happy to report I am painfree and able to walk comfortably in my work shoes once again. Thank you Dr. Titko !
on 24, Jul 2017
I first met Dr. Kristin Titko at a diabetes focus group at UC. Her presentation on various options to treat diabetes complications of the legs and feet sounded hopeful, as I had visited another foot care specialist who advised me he could do nothing to help me. In speaking with Dr. Kris after the meeting concerning my issues, she told me to come see her. Thankfully I made an appointment and will remain ever grateful to her for her professional care. Dr. Titko is friendly and caring, and listened to the problems I was experiencing (toe fungus and planter’s fibromas on both feet.) I was treated with laser therapy which completely healed my toe fungus and referred to a specific physical therapist who completely cleared up the fibromas in both feet. Additionally, she took biopsies which confirmed that my legs and feet were free of neuropathy (which is music to the ears of a Type 1 diabetic.) I continue to see her periodically for checkups. All things being said, Dr. Titko’s professional expertise allowed me take my life back by bringing me to a level of physical activity that I hadn’t experienced in several years. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. Titko to anyone who is looking for a foot care specialist, especially diabetics. She treats you like family and you can place your trust in her.
on 24, Jul 2017
I’ve been seeing Dr. Titko for a few years now, and she help me fix my cracked, dry feet and make them beautiful again. I thank you and my man thanks you too! You’re great!
on 24, Jul 2017
I’ve been to 4 orthopedic surgeons very highly recommended however they didn’t help me since July [4 months]! I broke my ankle. I am so thrilled to have found Dr Kristin Titko, she has been the ONLY doctor that I feel can help me! I have faith in her.
on 24, Jul 2017
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Titko’s since about 2006 and I have referred multiple friends to her. I’ve seen her for several different conditions, some chronic and some acute, and I always appreciate the approach she takes, which is to get me back to my normal activities as soon as possible.
on 24, Jul 2017
Six weeks out from my 2nd Ironman and planters facilities shows up. Nothing short of a miracle, Dr. Titko attacked this problem and on race day there was no pain and no excuses (with my foot), a PR for my 140.6 course at Ironman Louisville.
on 24, Jul 2017
I would like to thank Dr. Titko for getting me back on the tennis courts after a 5 month layoff. I know I should have sought treatment earlier, but being a Man I was stubborn! Don’t be like me, if you hurt go see her you will not regret it!
John W
on 24, Jul 2017
Dr Titko is by far one of the most professional doctors I’ve ever met. She treats you like family and ensures any problems you have are taken care of as quickly as possible. I was working a job where I had to stand on concrete all day in boots. She made custom Orthotics for my boots that did wonders for my feet and helped relieve the pain. Thank you for everything Dr Titko.-Scott Dr. Titko is fantastic! I had an ingrown toenail that had been bothering me off and on, and affected my running. She removed it and now my toe feels so much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Titko to anyone needing a great podiatrist.
on 24, Jul 2017
I met you at the West Chester Jingle Mingle in December. In our conversation I mentioned that my son Landen Myers was having some problems with his feet and after meeting with 2 specialists already, the problem was getting worse, not better. After one meeting with you and six weeks later, your recommended home treatment has him pain free and nearly back to 100%. He plays baseball for Ohio State and his first game is two weeks. THANK YOU for getting him healthy in time for the season!
on 24, Jul 2017
After experiencing foot pain for way too long, I set up an appointment with Dr. Titko. Dr. Titko immediately identified what was causing the pain. She took care of an issue I was having to ease the pain, took x-rays and will have a treatment plan by my next visit. I truly appreciate her approach and respect for my time. Dr. Titko was professional and focused but, also very personable with a great sense of humor which made for a pleasant experience despite why I was there! Her staff was friendly and efficient getting me back right on time and out quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Titko to anyone experiencing similar issues.