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What is it?

Warts are a skin lesion frequently seen on the feet (and hands). They are caused by a viral infection. If left untreated, warts can spread to other parts of the body or to those around you.


  • Warts may be flat or raised
  • They may be painful, but not always
  • Often appear with red, brown or black spots in them, but not always


  • Every suspicious lesion should be examined carefully by a Cincinnati podiatrist
  • We use medication to remove warts. This process allows the wart to be treated with minimal to no pain

on 24, Jul 2017
I met you at the West Chester Jingle Mingle in December. In our conversation I mentioned that my son Landen Myers was having some problems with his feet and after meeting with 2 specialists already, the problem was getting worse, not better. After one meeting with you and six weeks later, your recommended home treatment has him pain free and nearly back to 100%. He plays baseball for Ohio State and his first game is two weeks. THANK YOU for getting him healthy in time for the season!

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