“I didn’t see the pot hole when running on some back roads recently and I think I twisted my ankle, what should I do”?

The most common ways to sprain an ankle are by landing awkwardly after jumping or by walking/running on uneven surfaces.

A sprain occurs when your ankle is forced more out of alignment than normal. This can cause a stretch or a tear to the ligaments which hold your ankle in alignment and which give your ankle a feeling of stability.

  • Stop your run if pain has occurred. Stand up slowly to be sure pain doesn’t sit you back down. If it does, do not restart running.
  • Apply ice to the ankle 15 minutes an hour for the remainder of the day.
  • Perform “ABC” range of motion exercises three times a day. These are done by leaving your hip, knee and leg still, move your foot as though you are writing out the alphabet in large capital letters, If this causes soreness, continue exercises. If this causes pain, seek medical attention.

 Seek medical attention for your sprain if;

  • Pain keeps you from putting any pressure on your foot that day
  • Pain continues for more than three days
  • Your ankle feels weak or gives out on you while walking/running
  • Your feel or hear a “pop” at the time of injury. A “pop” usually means you tore a ligament, tendon, muscle or broke a bone.

 If you don’t properly treat an ankle sprain:

  • You are more likely to sprain it over and over causing more and more damage.
  • You may have chronic pain, weakness, instability or inability to resume running