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The most common cause of a sprained ankle is a fall or a sudden twist. Sometimes a hard blow may cause the joint of the ankle to shift from its normal position and result in a sprain. These injuries typically happen when playing sports, wearing shoes the feet aren’t comfortable in, running and even walking.


If you’ve got a sprained ankle, your doctor may prescribe the following treatment options:

  • Rest – Take it easy and try not to walk on a sprained ankle.
  • Ice – Wrap an ice pack in a thin towel and press it against the injured area for 20 minutes. Wait at least 40 minutes before applying ice again.
  • Bandage – In order to reduce swelling and help stabilize, an elastic wrap can be used.
  • Elevate – Positioning your ankle higher than your heart will also help alleviate swelling.
  • Medicate – Take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, like ibuprofen, for pain relief.
  • Therapy – Your doctor will tell you when it’s time to start therapy to get your ankle back to proper working order.
  • Surgery – a severe sprain may require surgery, but this will be determined by a doctor and x-rays.

How to Avoid Ankle Sprains

Make sure you warm up properly and completely before participating in a sport or running. If the foot or ankle has a history of injury then use a brace or tape. In addition, make sure the correct shoes are worn and that there is enough support for the ankle. Avoid uneven surfaces whenever possible.