Your foot starts itching, cracking and even blistering. You made the mistake of walking barefoot in the showers at the gym, or accidentally brushing your foot against someone who has athlete’s foot already. A fungal infection that grows on the skin of your foot, athlete’s foot is annoying and embarrassing. So here are three ways to treat athlete’s foot:

  1. Over the counter anti-fungal medication. In most cases, anti-fungal creams, powders and other types of medication take care of the issue. Most of the OTC options are applied directly to the fungal infection. Make sure you wash your hands to avoid spreading the infection to other parts of your body or to other people.
  2. Breathable socks and shoes. Create a less hospitable environment for the fungus by wearing cotton socks that help wick away moisture and provide adequate air flow for your feet. Pair that with shoes that have good air flow, such as running sneakers, and you cut down on the chance of another occurrence. Make sure to wear shower shoes when you’re at shared showers to avoid catching it again from another person.
  3. Go to the podiatrist. If you have a long-term, painful or severe case of athlete’s foot, you may need medical intervention. Pay attention to the effectiveness of the over the counter medication you use. If you don’t see any improvement in your symptoms, it’s definitely time to get medical assistance. If your feet have severe levels of blisters or peeled skin, you have a major fungal infection that needs immediate treatment. It’s also important to go to the doctor if you catch a bacterial infection due to the existence of the fungal infection on your feet.