Back pain can be unbearable – when you have it, the only thing you want is to be rid of it. But if you’re trying all you can to treat your back and nothing’s fixing the problem for good, have you considered treating your feet?

Your body is interconnected with muscles, bones, joints and nerves, so the possibility that your back pain is actually caused by your feet is very real. Any injury or issue with your feet can result in related pain in your back simply through the way your gait or stance is affected. If you’re walking abnormally to avoid putting pressure on a problem area in your foot, your hips and lower back muscles will compensate, which can put pressure on your lower spine or even the rest of your back.

So while you treat your back, take a look at what’s happening with your feet. Are you wearing uncomfortable shoes that cause you to walk funny? Do you suffer from bunions, arthritis or another painful condition in your toes and foot joints? Did you recently sprain your ankle and do you still limp a bit? All of these issues could be the root cause of your back pain, so it’s important to seek the medical attention of a podiatrist to ensure your feet are in the best possible condition for the health of your back.