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Gift Ideas for Pampered Feet

Give the gift of healthy, comfortable feet! Cross some people off your shopping list with these ideas for luxurious foot care items that will pamper and please any recipient! Foot Spas – Look for a model that makes it worth getting out and using – something that...

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Heel Pain

Heel pain is likely the most common problem most podiatrist treat. Heel pain can happen for many reasons but the most common of these is a condition known as plantar fasciitis. This used to be called "heel spur" but we have long ago learned that this terminology is...

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Caring for Toenail Trauma

If you’ve had a toenail injury, you know that this type of trauma can be very painful, but it can also have serious consequences. Therefore, it’s important to properly care for the injured toenail in order to prevent complications such as nail thickening (which is...

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