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Ankle Sprains & Strains

sprained ankleWhat is an Ankle Sprain?

Known as a sprained ankle, a sudden twist or misstep may cause damage to your ankle bones, ligaments or tendons. If tenderness remains for more than 24 hours after an injury, you may have more than just a “simple sprain”.

If an ankle injury is not properly treated, you may suffer from long-term swelling, pain or instability.

Symptoms of a sprained ankle

Swelling, bruising, pain or a feeling like your ankle is weak for more than 24 hours after a “sprain” requires medical attention from your Cincinnati podiatrist.

If you break your ankle, you may still be able to move it, so don’t be fooled.


An X-ray or thorough exam will be needed first at our Cincinnati podiatrist clinic, or at the hospital. Initial treatment for a sprained ankle or other serious injuries may be Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE). If swelling or pain persists, you may require immobilization, physical therapy or splint.

An MRI can give insight to the extent of any non-bone damage for a sprained ankle.

If symptoms persist, surgery to repair any torn ligaments, tendons or broken bones may be undertaken.


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