Bunions Treatment

bunionWhat are bunions?

A bunion is a misaligned great toe. A “bump” may be seen on the side or the top of your great toe joint. Poor foot mechanics are often the cause of bunions.

Symptoms of bunions:

  • Pain or stiffness at the great toe joint
  • Redness or swelling at the great toe joint
  • Increased pain in high heels or tight shoes

Bunion Treatment in Cincinnati:

  • A physical exam or x-rays will help determine the stage of your bunion
  • Mild conditions are treated with orthotics to control poor foot mechanics
  • Medication can be used in joint pain exists
  • Bunion surgery can be performed by your Cincinnati podiatrist to realign the bone and joint if needed as a last option

For more information regarding bunion treatment and surgery in the Cincinnati area, please click here to download a pamphlet from the APMA.


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