Corns & Calluses Treatment

callusWhat is Corn/Callus?

Corns & calluses are your body’s response to friction. This can be friction from your shoes rubbing your toes (corns) or your foot rubbing the ground or the bottom of your shoe (calluses). In any case, corns and calluses are a thickening of the skin in response to this friction.

Symptoms of Corn & Callus

  • The thickened areas of skin can be painful with shoe pressure or with walking
  • As the lesion progresses it may destroy healthy tissue
  • Redness and swelling can often be seen around these areas of irritation

Cincinnati Podiatrist Callus & Corn Treatment

  • A thorough exam and x-rays will help to determine the cause of your lesion
  • Non-medicated padding may offer relief
  • Orthotics can reduce friction when walking to relieve pain
  • Shoes with more toe space can help relieve pressure
  • We can safely remove lesions in the office
  • Surgery can be done as a last option to correct the alignment of bone and tendon

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