What is it?

Any toe that is bent or bending – but usually this condition involves the 2nd through 5th toes.

Mild Hammertoes are flexible, which means the joints can still bend. The more advanced deformity is called rigid.



  • Pain with shoe pressure
  • Corn formation on the toe
  • Redness or swelling of the toe
  • Restricted or painful motion of the toe

Hammertoe Treatment Options

  • Non-medicated padding
  • Shoes with a deep toe box
  • Avoiding high-heel or tight shoes
  • We can help advise you on shoe selection
  • For some deformities, we can apply padding or taping
  • Orthotics can help to balance muscle pull on your toes
  • Hammertoe surgery by your Cincinnati podiatrist can straighten the toes and is the option saved for last in most cases

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