Numbness Treatment

Numbness in Your Feet? How Laser Therapy Can Help

Numbness in your feet is never welcome, and depending on how severe it is, it can cause anything from mild irritation to severe health problems. The good news is that it’s often possible to improve matters considerably by using a state-of-the-art technique: laser therapy from your Cincinnati podiatrist.

What causes numbness in your feet?

There are a number of possible causes for this condition, but one of the most common is if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. A loss of feeling in the feet is a frequent complication of diabetes, especially if it’s reached an advanced stage before diagnosis.

  • It’s particularly important to check your feet regularly if you suffer from numb feet, as you can pick up injuries without knowing.
  • If you have trouble checking your own feet, your podiatrist will be able to help. He or she can also trim your nails safely.

How laser therapy works

Modern laser therapy systems from your Cincinnati podiatrist work by sending a beam of circulation-stimulating photons to the relevant parts of your feet or ankles. This helps to encourage your body’s natural healing processes, which means that it is a very safe and highly effective treatment.

  • Laser therapy not only decreases pain and numbness levels, but it can also make your feet more supple and flexible.
  • This treatment can be carried out quickly and with no need for anesthesia. There are usually no side effects, either.

Can laser therapy help me?

Laser therapy has been shown to make a real difference in a wide range of people with foot numbness conditions. It is often an excellent alternative to traditional methods such as surgery. Talk to your Cincinnati podiatrist to find out whether your feet can be treated in this way.

  • Studies suggest that laser therapy is more effective than pain-relieving medication in many people.
  • You’ll usually be given 10 laser treatment sessions, each of which will last about 20 minutes.

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