Proper foot health is an often overlooked but extremely important issue for senior citizens. Without healthy feet, it will be difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. In order to ensure good foot health throughout their golden years, seniors should visit a podiatrist for proper assessment and (if necessary) treatment of any adverse foot or ankle conditions. Below are five reasons why seniors should visit a podiatrist:

  1. Hygiene – Podiatrists can make a thorough assessment of the type of foot hygiene routine needed to promote adequate foot care among seniors. These assessments typically include key points such as proper washing techniques, how to prevent fungal infections, etc.
  2. Inspections for Injuries – Many times seniors can sustain minor cuts, abrasions or sores on their feet that can grow into something worse if left unattended. A podiatrist will be able to perform a careful visual inspection of each foot to ensure that all injuries, whether large or small, are properly cared for.
  3. Nail Care – Many seniors suffer from ingrown toenails due to improper trimming procedures. This often leads to various types of infections, which require the attention and care of a podiatrist to rectify. Podiatrists can instruct and inform seniors regarding proper toenail trimming techniques. In addition, podiatrists can trim the toenails of seniors who may be physically unable to do so themselves.
  4. Specialized Care for Diabetics – Podiatrists can analyze and prescribe appropriate foot care measures for seniors who suffer from diabetes, as they are particularly susceptible to certain adverse foot conditions.
  5.  Advice on Footwear – Proper footwear is an essential element of quality foot health. Podiatrists can offer seniors helpful and informative advice regarding what type of footwear will best support and protect their feet. In addition, podiatrists can help seniors determine whether or not orthopedic shoes will be necessary.