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When you have to spend more time at home

  1. Keep the skin around the back of your heels soft and comfortable by applying a rich cream twice a day- I like Vitamin E cream for over the counter.
  2. Keep your nails cut to a reasonable length- eventually you’ll get to put shoes back on and resume usual lifestyle. 
  3. If you have hardwood or tile flooring and have developed heel pain, consider thicker-soled slippers around the house. 
  4. If you have diabetes, always wear thick soled, protective shoes or slippers to avoid anything penetrating your feet. Remember you may not feel it happen. 
  5. If you live with or are caring for an elderly family member, check to make sure their nails aren’t getting too long and painful-they may not tell you that they are suffering.
  6. If you have a particularly high or low arch and are developing a new pain across the top of your foot (halfway between toes and ankle) or a new pain in the arch (halfway between toes and heel) consider spending more time wearing your good firm gym shoes.
  7. If you have recently changed your work out/fitness routine and are performing more jumps/lunges/ deadlifts/ step-work and your feet are getting sore, start strengthening the muscles in your feet by “drawing out” the alphabet, A-Z, three times daily. Move your foot, not your leg while “drawing” these letters in the air. Another good exercise to strengthen your feet is to place a towel on the floor, place your barefoot on the towel and scrunch the towel with your toes for 3 minutes twice daily. 

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