Give the gift of healthy, comfortable feet! Cross some people off your shopping list with these ideas for luxurious foot care items that will pamper and please any recipient!

  1. Foot Spas – Look for a model that makes it worth getting out and using – something that offers relaxing foot massage complete with hydrotherapy water jets, bubbles and soothing warmth.
  2. Heated Slippers – There are several kinds of heated slippers on the market – including battery-operated, USB-powered, and microwaveable varieties. Some heated slippers also add a touch of aromatherapy by including various herbs, essential oils and other aromatic materials within their lining. *Heated slippers are not recommended for diabetics.*
  3. Pedicure Kits – A pedicure kit is always a smash hit for the holidays. The items contained within pedicure kits can vary widely, but most kits include tools for cutting, trimming, scrubbing, filing and moisturizing. And don’t forget the polish!
  4. Foot Soaks – Many people use foot soaks as a way to prepare and soften their feet for pedicures. Some of the most popular soaks include Epsom salt, sea salt, and essential oils, and others even include dried flowers or finely-ground oatmeal.
  5. Specialty Creams or Lotions – Foot cream and lotion is an especially luxurious treat to receive. It’s ultra-moisturizing, and certain scents provide different effects – peppermint energizes, lavender relaxes, etc. Have fun choosing just the right product for that special someone on your list!