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Learning how to give a proper foot massage is a gift that can keep on giving. This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetie an unforgettable gift of pampering – the ultimate foot massage!

  1. First, create a relaxing environment. Find a quiet, warm room, turn down the lights and use candles and soft music. Seat your loved one in a comfortable reclined seat and have them close their eyes.
  2. Start with a warm footbath. Dip the feet in a warm bowl of water which contains some aromatherapy oils scented with peppermint or lavender.
  3. Pat the feet dry and set them on a towel-covered stool, ottoman or stack of pillows.
  4. Use a massage cream or oil and warm it in your hands before applying it all over the foot.
  5. Gently rotate each of the ankles clockwise and counterclockwise a few times, then do the same with all the toes.
  6. Apply pressure with your thumbs all along the bottom of the feet, paying special attention to the heels and balls of the feet.
  7. Rest at certain areas and move your thumbs in circles before moving on.
  8. Hold each toe in your fingers and gently pull toward you a few times.
  9. Finish the massage by holding the whole foot in both your hands and moving them up and down gently while applying some pressure to encourage circulation.