When you are running in the rain, skiing, skating or sledding in snow, your feet are bound to get wet at some point. This can cause discomfort, and in extreme cases, can result into fungal infections such as tinea pedis and toenail fungus.

Causes of Wet Feet

  • Moisture. Exposure to extreme moisture in rainy and snowy conditions can contribute significantly to wet feet.
  • Perspiration. During intense activity, your body generates a lot of heat which can cause the feet to sweat thereby soaking the inner part of the shoes.
  • Type of Footwear. The choice of material when it comes to the footwear you use is very crucial. Certain footwear such as cotton or nylon socks and shoes made of plastic or synthetic fabric lining can prevent sweat from evaporating, leaving your feet wet.

Prevention of Wet Feet

In order to keep your feet dry, you need to take some deliberate measures before or during the activity you’re participating in:

  • Waterproof Shoes. Quality waterproof footwear with extra space inside to trap air can help in cooling off the feet in the event of perspiration while keeping external moisture away.
  • Wool Socks. For sporting activities, you need socks that dry fast. Polyester and wool-based fabrics are excellent because they take moisture away from the feet. Avoid cotton materials because they absorb moisture and stay wet.
  • Gaiters. These are ideal in conditions of pouring rain because they will help keep the bottom part of your feet dry. Some gaiters are breathable and this gives you an additional level of comfort.
  • Antiperspirant Sprays. To prevent your feet from sweating profusely, you can use an antiperspirant spray. Some of them can keep your feet warm and dry for more than six hours.
  • Air Out Shoes and Feet. During half time or a short break, remove your shoes and socks and air them and your feet out in a warm, dry spot.