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Orthotics can be extremely helpful in providing support for your feet, but as with all other frequently used items, the results of consistent wear-and-tear will make it necessary to replace them eventually. Below are three key indicators to help you determine whether or not it’s the right time to replace your orthotics.

  1. Time Frame – How long have you had your current orthotics? The average pair of orthotics will last anywhere between 1-5 years depending upon the materials. Try to remember the date (or general time frame) that you obtained your current orthotics; if more than 12 months have passed from that time, it may be a good idea to have them evaluated for potential replacement.
  2. Frequency of Use – How often do you use your orthotics? The more often you use them, and the rougher you are on them during use, the sooner they will need to be replaced. If you’re an avid runner, your custom insoles will wear down quicker than a pair you only use every now and then. The more miles your orthotics have logged, the more likely it is that it’s time for a new pair.
  3. The “Feel” Factor – How do your orthotics feel when you’re standing, walking or running? If you’re feeling any noticeable level of discomfort when you wear them, it may be time for some new ones. Note especially if old pains start to return; this can be a sign that your orthotics are getting worn out, and need to be replaced.

It’s a good idea to seek the opinion of a podiatrist in order to determine whether or not it’s time to replace your orthotics. A podiatrist will carefully examine your feet and offer you a professional assessment to help you make an informed decision. In addition, be sure to bring your old orthotics with you for the sake of comparison.

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