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Flying Pig 4-way with Cheese training continues for this avid runner.  The mileage is ramping up and hill repeats seem to be on my list of favorite things to do right now.  My legs are finally catching back up to where I was before my injury in November (yes, I’m that old that recovery seems to have taken that long) and so I’m feeling really good. For the past few runs I got to hang with some new faces and so of course I push myself so as not to always be the last one done.  Erie Avenue has an amazingly long and fun hill challenge.  And I have really lucked out this past week in the weather category…thankful!

I was asked by a fitness center to give a presentation last week on plantar fasciitis and that went very well…so I thought I might share just a few quick tips on that topic with you today.

Typically plantar fasciitis will feel like a sharp pain in the bottom of your heel when getting up to walk after periods of rest (presentations will vary of course.)

OTC insoles and stretches tend to help quite a bit in the early stages of this condition…but the longer symptoms last the more damage may be occurring to your fascia (a band running from your heel to your toes) making relief harder to achieve.

Sometimes medication by mouth or injected into the heel can be helpful.  Non-painful laser therapy can make the fascia healthier and less likely to get re-injured.  It is very important to realize that heel pain which won’t go away, especially in an endurance athlete can be caused by several other conditions that are NOT plantar fasciitis and treatment widely varies. Stretch your calves and your arches and get out there and conquer some hills!

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