We are looking for feet with warts. Warts are caused by a virus. So they are contagious. Spring and summer is the season for warts to spread.
Summertime and shoes are off. Frequently we are around the pool where the surface is wet. That’s where warts thrive moist wet environments. Once we have the virus in our system we have it for life. Warts are shared by contact on wet surfaces including the shower stall bathroom tub, towels, rugs and tile floors.
Kids under the age of 17 are most susceptible to warts. So if you have kids or grandkids check their feet and look for small raised bumps which may have black dots in the center. Not all warts look the same. Some are flat on top and some are raised. Many are painful. And they can spread into clusters.
Warts are much less common in adults. Under the age of 40. We treat warts without causing pain.