Keryflex Nail Restoration – Cincinnati Keryflex Provider

The Center for Foot Care is now offering Keryflex nail restoration in Cincinnati. The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System is a risk-free, non-systemic in-office procedure that repairs, improves and revitalizes the look of a patient’s natural nails. The procedure makes it possible for the podiatrist to refurbish a patient’s nails that have been impacted by fungus, nail dystrophies, or injury. The patented Keryflex resin produces a pliable, non-porous nail that enables the underlying natural nail to grow.

The KeryFlex nail delivers a normal looking nail during the course of oral anti-fungal treatments. The KeryFlex nail is long lasting and unaltered by acetone, nail polish or cleaning agents and brings back the natural appearance of a healthy nail, and your self-confidence! You’ll certainly never need to worry when wearing sandals again!


Benefits of Keryflex Nail Restoration

  • Offers another option for patients with damaged toenails
  • Delivers immediate and significant cosmetic enhancement after one visit
  • Looks and feels completely natural
  • Provides for cosmetically pleasing nails during most antifungal treatment regimens
  • Unlike rigid acrylic nails, flexibility allows KeryFlex restored nails to bend with the natural movement of toes and feet
  • Is compatible with human tissue and will not irritate or cause further damage to the underlying nail or skin
  • Allows for the remaining nail to grow out naturally
  • Is non-porous and will not allow moisture to penetrate between the natural and prosthetic nail
  • Applied in the sanitary setting of a medical foot care provider
  • Stands up to pressure of shoes for a minimum of 8 weeks
  • The primer has an antifungal component to help nail health

Keryflex Before and After Photos

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