Leneva – Cincinnati Fat Pad Replacement in the Foot

The Center for Foot Care is now offering Leneva in Cincinnati.



What is Leneva?

Leneva is made of human fat tissue and growth factors. It stimulates your body to produce more of your own cushiony fat pad in areas of painful fat pad loss, for long term comfort.


For Painful Calluses on the Heel or Ball of the Foot
Procedure is done In-Offie for Your Convenience




What is Leneva and how can it help me?

Leneva is an injectable human adipose tissue that is designed to support your body’s own tissue regeneration process. Leneva undergoes strict processing designed to maintain the structural integrity of the tissue without sacrificing quality  and sterility. This process allows for retention of key matrix proteins such as Collagen IV and Collagen VI as well as adipogenic and anglogenic factors leptin, adiponectin, FGF-2 and VEGF, while successfully removing residual lipid, cellular fragments, and DNA content.*
Leneva may be used for the replacement of damaged or inadequate integummental adipose tissue matrix, or for the reinforcement or supplemental support in underlying adipose tissue matrix as the result of damage or naturally occurring defects.


How do I know it’s safe?

MTF Biologics’ strict donor criteria is designed by medical experts to ensure quality and safety. Available relevant medical records are evaluated by our MTF Biologics Physicians to determine donor suitability. This comprehensive review indicates that the donor suitability criteria is in compliance with FDA and AATB regulations, therefor deeming the tissue eligible for transplantation.
MTF Biologics is a nonprofit organization that is the leading tissue bank in the world, driven to improve healing by advancing science through research and dedicated to providing quality tissue for a variety of medical purposes.

Ready to See if Leneva is Right for You?

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