Restore G.F. – Cincinnati Restore GF Provider

The Center for Foot Care is now offering Restore GF in Cincinnati.

Restore GF™ is an amniotic allograft used to safely and effectively treat pain and inflammation.  Restore GF is also effective in enhancing bone strength after injury.


Restore GF in the Foot/Ankle:

+ Arthritis / joint pain
+ Stress fractures
+ Tendonitis
+ Plantar fascia injury / plantar fasciitis
+ Synovitis
+ Capsulitis

Benefits of Restore G.F.:

+ Lasting effects
+ 98% success rate
+ Minimal to no pain
+ In office use… no hospital or anesthesia costs
+ Avoid surgery
+ Faster healing than surgery
+ Minimally invasive injection

Is Restore G.F. Safe to Use:

Donors are assessed for high risk behavior and relevant diseases.  The donated tissue is deemed safe and acceptable for transplant in accordance with strict industry and FDA standards.  All allografts have been tested for infectious diseases and are terminally sterilized to ensure safety. The allografts are donated by a woman who has given live birth to a healthy child.

Ready to See if Restore GF is Right for You?

Dr. Titko has more than 25 years of medical and surgical experience treating foot and ankle conditions. Call today and see why The Center for Foot Care is the leader in advanced foot care in Cincinnati!