Have your toes ever felt like they were burning and itching? These are common symptoms of athletes foot, according to Web MD. Athletes foot is caused by a fungal infection of the top layer of skin. Because athletes often have damp, sweaty feet, and share changing spaces with many other people, they are often more likely to contract this infection, though it can also be a problem for many non-athletes as well.

Did you know you can go to a podiatrist if you have food problems? A podiatrist is a doctor who works to diagnose and treat conditions of the leg, foot, ankle, and associated structures. Many people are so accustomed to simply dealing with their foot pains or problems that it’s never occurred to them to talk to a specialist. Here are three things you can receive help for if you find a podiatrist.

1. Care for Diabetic Patients

Every year, more than 65,000 limbs are amputated in the U.S. owing to complication from diabetes. Consulting with a podiatrist to make sure you are keeping adequate circulation to your feet can help reduce the risk of amputation by up to 85%, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. If you are diabetic, it’s a good idea to inspect your feet daily — check for discoloration, bruises, or any other changes.

2. Foot Pain Relief for Bunions

Bunions, which are experienced more frequently by women, are bumps on the big toe that form where the toe joint moves out of place. Two of the main causes of bunions are genetics and bad footwear. Individuals with flat feet often experience bunions. If a bunion starts to develop, avoiding high heels can help. There are many treatment options for bunions, including anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, shoe inserts, and even surgery if your podiatrist thinks it is necessary.

3. Foot Cramps Diagnosis

It’s not uncommon for people to experience painful foot cramping that can immobilize them for minutes at a time, before disappearing again. A podiatrist can help you identify why your feet are cramping during the day. Several common causes of this symptom include diabetes, vitamin D deficiency, poor circulation, and improper footwear.

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