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Ways to Fix Rough Heels Safely

The summer months are brutal on your feet, especially your heels. Wearing flip flops and sandals everywhere you go, with nothing protecting your feet from the elements can leave you with cracked and rough heels that are unsightly, uncomfortable and, in extreme cases,...

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3 Ways to Treat Athlete’s Foot

Your foot starts itching, cracking and even blistering. You made the mistake of walking barefoot in the showers at the gym, or accidentally brushing your foot against someone who has athlete's foot already. A fungal infection that grows on the skin of your foot,...

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How to Treat Ankle Sprains

About 25,000 ankle sprains happen every day – and no wonder. An ankle sprain can happen when stepping on an uneven surface, running and losing your balance or simply moving and suddenly stopping or changing direction. An ankle sprain happens quickly, and more often...

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