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Torn ankle tendons, sprains and ligament damage tend to be more common in overweight women age 40 or above for several different reasons. First, there is a strong and well-researched connection between tendon injuries and estrogen, specifically that estrogen interferes with the synthesis of collagen and the formation of fibroblasts. In addition, women’s hormones also influence water retention, which can lead to increased swelling and additional pressure around the soft tissue that is located between the ankle tendons. Overweight women over the age of 40 are prone to ligament damage and torn tendons in the ankle due to pressure changes and changes in the tissue repair rate, both of which are the direct result of hormonal fluctuations that women tend to experience as they get closer to menopause.

An increased body weight also puts extra pressure on joints and ligaments. The ankles are responsible for supporting the entire weight of the body, and thus are more prone to injuries and pain as opposed to other weight-bearing areas such as the knees or pelvis.