Arthritic feet and ankles can result in a great deal of unhappiness, thanks to the pain and disability they can cause. Although arthritis can’t be cured completely, recent studies have shown that massage therapy can help ease its symptoms.

How can massage therapy help?

Massage can bring a number of benefits, ranging from better blood circulation to reduced inflammation. Although research is still being conducted as to its effectiveness for foot and ankle care, the signs are that it could make a real difference.

  • Deep-tissue massage can help to increase the flexibility of foot and ankle joints, as well as helping to make muscles less stiff and uncomfortable. This allows you to perform gentle stretching and other exercises, which can help your feet feel better.
  • Patients who receive massage therapy often say that it makes them feel less stressed, and more able to deal with their everyday life despite the fact that they still have arthritis.

How well does massage therapy work?

It’s always best to ask a professional for extra, specific advice about your own arthritic feet and ankles. You can get this easily by making an appointment with your podiatrist. Your podiatrist may refer you to a massage therapist.

  • When carried out by a skilled practitioner, massage therapy can produce a significant reduction in discomfort, swelling and joint stiffness. It is also considered to be among the safest therapies for arthritis.
  • Massage is not always appropriate, for example when foot or ankle joints are very badly inflamed, as it can make symptoms worse. Ask your podiatrist if you’re unsure whether it’s right for you.
  • If you become uncomfortable at any time during a session of massage therapy, ask to stop the treatment. Pain can sometimes be caused if massage is performed too strongly, or on very tender areas of your feet.